Logging in

To log in, select an available authentication card from the menu. Click the card to select it, then enter your login credentials.

Viewing Your Authentications

If you have logged in, click the menu to view authentication information. The card you used for authentication has a check mark.

You can use different credentials to authenticate multiple times by selecting another authentication card and entering the required credentials.

If your Identity Server has been configured for federation, you can select the appropriate authentication card and establish a federated account with identity providers and service providers. This enables single sign-on between the Identity Server and the provider.

You can also defederate your account from an identity provider. Click the menu, then click Defederate under the authentication card. To defederate your account from a service provider, you need to use the Federations option in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Session-Based Ticket Authentication

If you are experiencing a problem and your help desk has sent you the login information for session-based logging, enter the log ticket URL to access the log ticket authentication page.

  1. Fill in the following:

    Ticket: Specify the ticket name that the help desk sent you.

    User Identifier: Specify a name that the help desk can use to identify you.

  2. Click Login.

    This login creates the logging session.

  3. Provide your name and password, then click Login.

    This login authenticates you to the Identity Server.

  4. In the same browser window, enter the URL of the resource that is causing the problem.

  5. Perform any other actions necessary to create the problem behavior.

  6. Log out and send your user identifier to the help desk.

    If the problem prevents you from logging out, let the help desk know that the session was closed without logging out.

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